Here at Rowland Well Co., we know that monitoring a well or water pumping system can create some unusual challenges. Your water pumping system has almost constant use, each and every day, and needs to be maintained to perform with efficiency and reliability. Our Rowland Well Co. "family" has the experience; knowledge and patience to provide the solution for every water well problem, no matter how complicated. We take your worry, and delay, out of any water supply interruption and have your system "up and running" in no time at all!

We will arrive promptly at your home or business, with the appropriate manpower, equipment, experience, products and supplies, to make your water problem a fading memory. We guarantee our workmanship as well as provide warranties for our quality products. We are "Service Experts" in any and all brands of pumps, tanks and water system controls.

When you become a client of the Rowland Well Co. "family", you can be assured that we GREATLY VALUE your trust and appreciate your patronage. In these uncertain economic times, you want your problem resolved as inexpensively and quickly as possible while maintaining quality and reliability. You need the work performed and products at a competitive price. You can trust Rowland Well Co. to deliver on those expectations.

Just a few of the Quality Products and Services that we provide at Rowland Well Co. are:

Water Well Drilling

  • Geothermal Well Drilling
  • Grundfos Stainless Steel Pumps
  • Professional Excavation Services
  • Jet Pumps
  • Solar Powered Pumps
  • Franklin Electric Controls
  • VFD Pump Control
  • Franklin Livestock Waterer's
  • Ritchie Livestock Waterer's
  • Submersible Cable in several sizes
  • UF Underground Wire in most sizes
  • "3 Phase" Submersible Pumps
  • Galvanized, Plastic & Copper Waterline
  • Merrill Power Surge Protectors
  • Lunde Sealed Well Caps
  • Water Well Seals
  • Midwest Check Valves
  • Horizontal Boring






24 Hr. Service on "ALL" Water Wells

  • Constant Pressure Installation & Service
  • Community Well Service
  • Well X Trol Pressure Tanks
  • Whitewater Buried Pressure Tanks
  • Galvanized Pressure Tanks
  • Monitor / Baker Pitless Unit
  • Morrison (Whitewater) Well Heads
  • Merrill Frost-free Water Hydrants
  • Iowa Frost-free Hydrant
  • 3" Submersible Pumps
  • Well Sealing
  • Well Casing Perforation
  • Waterline Repair
  • Thermaline Mobil Home Service
  • Steel Casing in several sizes
  • Galvanized Pump Rod
  • Maas "Brass" Cylinders
  • Cup Leathers & Cylinder Gaskets






Free "Bids" and/or "Estimates"

We also carry a VAST assortment of Galvanized, Brass, Stainless Steel, PVC and Copper fittings in most sizes!